January 6, 2020
Nick Maddux, 417-594-0029
Congressional Candidate Jamie Berryhill Endorsed by Texas Right to Life
ODESSA, TX — Congressional candidate for TX 11 Jamie Berryhill, Saturday was endorsed by the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas, Texas Right to Life.

“Texas Right to Life is proud to endorse Jamie Berryhill for Congress, US House District 11! We are confident he will represent the Pro-Life values of Central Texas with passion, pride, and a strong Christian faith,” said Texas Right to Life in a statement on social media.

“I am deeply honored to be endorsed by Texas Right to Life, an organization that acknowledges and endeavors to defend the sacred value of all life,” said Berryhill. “Our nation is paying a dear price today on many fronts because of the willful shed blood of 63,000,000 babies and the heartache that the mothers of those babies suffer. As your Congressman I will work fervently to stop this massacre of our precious unborn.”

Texas Right to Life is a Christian organization whose members, directors, staff and affiliated local chapters seek to articulate and protect the Right to Life of defenseless human beings, born and unborn through legal, peaceful and prayerful means. This commitment is derived from a belief that each human being, from the moment of fertilization until natural death, has an immeasurable dignity and inalienable Right to Life.