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Jamie has been a business owner and servant to his community in the Permian Basin for 46 years. The work he’s done in real estate, business, and ministry is guided by principles of both Biblical and Constitutional TRUTH and has brought about hope and life to businesses, families, communities, and individual lives.

Growing up in Odessa, Jamie played football and ran track for the Permian Panthers before earning a business degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He then began his career as a business owner, real estate developer and crisis business consultant, specializing in negotiation and reconciliation. In the early 80s oil bust, Jamie took the lead in a major economic diversification effort called the Midland Odessa Health and Retirement Endeavor (MOHRE) which resulted in several hundred million dollars of investment in retirement community developments and annual revenue.
In 1997, God put a calling on Jamie’s heart to convert a property into a faith-based residential program for women and mothers who found themselves in a position of dire straits, often wrapped up in drugs and alcohol or abusive relationships. The property became Mission Messiah: A New Creation and has given hope and a second chance to hundreds of women.

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In addition to his work with Mission Messiah, Jamie has been involved in several community organizations including:
* Founding board member of West Texas Men of Integrity
* Co-founder of “All Lives Matter”
* Co-founder of Christian Youth Night at the Rodeo
* 1994 co-chair of Midland’s National Day of Prayer
* Current chair of Odessa’s National Day of Prayer

Reaching Around the Globe!

5 years ago Jamie began to have the desire for more people to know about the transforming power of God’s Word that is witnessed at Mission Messiah everyday. He wanted more people to understand how, when applied, it can change the worst and most hopeless of situations and circumstances.

He launched Mission Messiah Television in the local markets, the Permian Basin and San Angelo. 

Doors began to open in sharing what others are doing to positively impact lives for good and within a year of beginning, Mission Messiah Television had joined with and was soon streaming on multiple platforms in all 195 nations sharing “Encouraging Television to Enhance Your Life.”

Jamie has been married to his wife Renda for 42 years. They have six grown children and SIXTEEN grandchildren, with two more on the way!
Jamie is now stepping out in faith again to run for Congress, because the freedoms and Christian principles upon which our nation was founded are UNDER ASSAULT. Jamie has a mission to restore those freedoms and principles we were given through the Constitution. They are non-negotiable and part of what makes this nation GREAT!

Advisory Board

  • Lee Dunn
  • Dick Saulsbury
  • Dr. Richard Bartlett
  • Eliel Rosa

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